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Welcome to the Hebrides.net web portal.

** Update 21/08/2020 **

Unfortunately, Hebrides.net broadband radio service is no longer operating due to the closure of the Radio network infrastructure.

We would like to thank our customers during the lifetime of the project.

Scotnet Telecom and Broadband services remain unaffected, we can supply landline based services via Fibre to the cabinet where available.

If you wish to retain your @hebrides.net email address please contact support as soon as possible to purchase, this costs 25 pounds per year and will allow you to continue to send email using our servers.

Errors and Ommisions Excepted. Please call 0333 370 2222 if you require more information.

The project partners believe that broadband is essential to the economic development of the Western Isles to allow businesses in the most rural communities to compete in world markets. Due to the wide distribution of the population across a number of islands, more traditional methods of providing broadband are impractical and would leave those at great distances from their exchanges without a service. This is why high performance wireless is being used to provide an ever increasing number of communities with a distributed broadband service across the islands.

The Western Isles 'Connected Communities' project was delivering services to locations from Ness in the north of Lewis to Castlebay in Barra in the south and at similar costs to broadband services in other parts of the Highlands & Islands.

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