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Winter Q4 2017 news letter  

Package Regrades phase 2 10/12/2015

Phase two of the regrade process has now started, and will be rolled-out on an Island by Island basis working from South to North. You will receive an e-mail when phase two is available. Please check your email frequently for the latest updates and on receipt of the regrade email act quickly to ensure you do not miss out as the opportunity to regrade may be withdrawn and may not be offered again.

Most regrades happen automatically - without a service visit - and can be completed in 10-20 minutes from placing of order.

If you have an existing service PLEASE DO NOT try to regrade to a new service by placing a new order. This will only delay proceedings and could result in you missing out on the ability to regrade.

Package Regrades

Phase one of the regrade process is now complete and the offer is closed. Phase two will be introduced in December 2015, and will be rolled-out on an Island by Island basis, working from South to North. You will receive an e-mail when phase two is available in your area.

Major Network Upgrade Completed November 2015 are pleased to announce the completion of a major network upgrade. We are now connected to the sub-sea fibre connecting the Western Isles to the mainland. This enhanced connectivity will facilitate us delivering faster services to home and business users, including new 2Mb/s & 4Mb/s residential services. We will be releasing these new services in two phases, the first of which will give all users the option to double their speed free of charge - this phase is now under-way and we expect to complete it this month. Phase two will begin in December and allows users to switch to any new speed & transfer allowance combination. Both phases are being rolled out on an Island by Island basis, working from South to North. You should receive an e-mail shortly with instructions on what to do next - so please ensure that your e-mail address registered with us is up to date. If you need to update your details, please visit the My Account page.

System incident 18/6/15

A system incident occurred at approximately 19.20 hours. The incident is still under investigation to determine the route cause. The effect on some users was an incorrect notification of data-transmit limit breach. The incident was resolved at 21.10 hours. Any user who incorrectly bought additional transfer capacity during the fault period will have their purchase credited in full. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to any user who may have been affected.

Regards, Support

Service Announcement 07/05/2014

A Statement from HIE regarding the Vodafone off island upgrade is as follows:

An order was placed with Vodafone PLC for the provision of additional Connected Communities off-island internet capacity in March 2014. The provision of this additional capacity was subject to ongoing upgrades of the existing Vodafone network, which once completed will be subject to testing and commissioning. Vodafone predict that subject to any unforeseen circumstances, this work will be due for completion in the second quarter of the 2014/15 financial year.


Service Announcement 26/10/2013

Support Hours

From October 1st 2013, support hours will be extended to 6pm Monday to Friday. This extension will be in place for an initial 10 week period to assess the demand for support during these additional hours. Please continue to use the standard support contact details at all times:

E-mail -
Telephone - 0845 838 9010 Option 2

Subsea fibre

As part of the Scottish Governments drive towards next generation broadband, a sub-sea fibre optic cable is being laid to the Western Isles. This is expected to happen during 2015 and will replace the existing BT provided radio link to the mainland. This will ultimately lead to service speeds for all customers being significantly upgraded once these works are completed. We will update you when we have further details.

New webmail facility

we will shortly be deploying a new webmail facility for clients using e-mail addresses. The new service has significantly enhanced functionality including mail folders and customisable layout. This is expected to be operational by the end of the year.

Free download capacity

As with all broadband networks, the service has peaks in network demand. These peaks are typically 6-10pm Monday to Friday. These peaks result in reduced performance for all customers as the network load reaches maximum capacity. In order to ease the congestion at busy times, we are introducing a free download period between midnight and 7am 7-days a week. (Provided your account has not been stoplisted) any data downloaded between these times will not count towards your monthly data transfer allowance. We would recommend using this time for large downloads such as movies, music, games and software updates. Browsers such as firefox will allow you to schedule downloads. Some versions of Microsoft allow you to schedule updates to start at a specified time. We hope that this will move some of the network load to the quietest point of the day whilst helping customers to avoid exceeding their transfer limits. We have produced a guide to setting up 'timed downloads' which explains how to set your computer to start downloading a file at a certain time of the day. This will avoid you having to wait up late to start the download. The guide can be found HERE. This service is available now.

E-mail contacts

Please ensure that your e-mail address registered with is up to date. This ensures that we can e-mail your information such as invoices and network updates. Contact e-mail addresses can be managed on the 'My Account' page within the website.

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