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What are my email account settings?
Will everyone within the area be able to get broadband?
What technical support will be available to residents who sign-up?
How robust are the backbone network masts?
Will ADSL and deliver different service levels?
Will I be able to continue using my existing ISP and e-mail address?
How will it all work?
How do I configure e-mail on my PC?
Do I need a firewall and anti-virus software?
What is webmail?
What kind of computer do I need?
Which software should I have on my computer?
Is there any software available from
What if I don’t have an Ethernet port on my computer?
Who will install the equipment?
Can I install the equipment myself?
Will you configure my computer for me?
What happens if the broadband equipment goes wrong?
Will you offer a free trial period?
Will I be able to use the service to make phone calls (e.g VoIP)?
What is VoIP?
Will the service support online gaming?
Can I use a wireless (WiFi) router with your service?
Can you recommend a particular Wi-Fi router?
Can I use multiple computers on the same connection?
Can I sign up for discounted telephone services with you?
Is there any danger from the use of radio devices in the home?
What happens if I move house?
I use an Apple Mac - can I still use a router?
What does the radio tranmission equipment look like?
How do I know how much I have transfered?
Will the service work with Microsoft Windows Vista edition?
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