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You might feel slightly confused about how or why your useage graph shows you values that are unexpectedly high.

There can be many reasons for such "jumps". Often, users do not appreciate that a phone/ipad/computer left powered on and unattended can set off on it's own accord and use bandwidth. A classic case is where systems decide to update themselves to new versions - e.g. windows 8 to 10, or automatic virus updates by Norton, Symantec etc.

Below are some examples of where data transfer allowance is consumed.

  • Operating system updates, ie Windows/Mac/Ipad and Android.
    Those of you who have microsoft windows platforms and use wireless links should read the helpful microsoft windows information sheet at this link to microsoft
  • Chromecast and other catchup services like Sky/Netflix, BBC Iplayer, Amazon Prime.
  • Gaming  ie Xbox Live, PSn and Steam and game download sources.
  • Bittorrent  file sharing.
  • Cloud services like Dropbox, icloud, Gdrive, for backups.
  • Streaming of any kind ie radio and tv
  • Skype using video.
  • Downloads  ie music movies, applications
  • Antivirus/security programs updates.
  • Virus or Trojan infection
  • Smartdevices like Kindle and tablets, webcams Smart TV.
  • Software install and updates for all applications on all devices.
  • Social media like Facebook/Twitter.

Please remember that traffic both up and downstream count towards your data ransfer allowance between 7am and midnight. So try to schedule updates and catch-ups to run after midnight.
Data Consumption (average)
One hour of web browsing
10 - 25 MB
Download a document
2 MB
One hour of facebook
20 MB
Download a music track
4 MB
Stream 30 minutes of YouTube
175 MB
Download a non HD film
700 MB
Download an HD film
4 GB
Stream one hour of non-HD video
250 MB
Stream one hour of HD video
Stream one hour of music or radio
150 MB

To see if you are using a lot of data please visit and look at the 5 minute graph.


This graph shows data moved on a 5 minute basis,  look at the end of the graph and see your total, stop working, check the graph again after 5 minutes and see any changes, if it climbs  your system is using data by that amount in 5 minutes.

To try to identify which system(s) are using the data, start turning devices off or put them into aeroplane mode. Do 1 device at a time, this will identify which device is using data.

click here http://speedtest.hebrides.net/speedtester/  click on the Data analyser, this will show you how busy your link is and will aid you in finding the devices using data.

You can also change your wifi password to ensure only authorized devices use your connection,

Most devices have tools which will show you how much data is used, please note that we do not endorse, support or recommend any applications, you should find the tools which work best for you:

Windows applications called Netmeter
Mac has Activity Monitor and Network tab.. showing data transfered since the device was powered up. Android has data counters which can be setup to approximate usage over time.
Iphone,  has several apps you could try.
Also Please note that data transfered between midnight and 7am does not count towards your bandwidth allowance.

Hebrides.net have a new Transfer Allowance Notification Console which will alert you by email of your data useage.
Please visit http://www.hebrides.net/cgi-bin/bandwidthtrap.cgi to configure the useage notifications to your requirements.

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