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November 2016:

Fibre Access

Following substantial work and technical changes in Stornoway during December 2015, Hebrides.net now uses high-speed fibre in Stornoway to move your data on and off island. As part of this work, all Hebrides.net users were offered a free speed-double and a free increased transfer allowance. Many users took us up on this free offer.

For those people who have not yet taken the free upgrade, the offer is still available - but now has a one-off £6.00 administration fee.

We can now also offer a chargeable upgrade which will allow speeds up to 4Mb/s package. The 4Mb/s package also features a higher data-transfer allowance .

See this link regrade link for further details. Most users can upgrade their service and be using the new speed within 15 minutes.

If you don't know what 4Mb/s will do for you then why not try it out for a week? If you phone technical support we can issue you with a temporary upgrade to our 4Mb/s package free for a week. At the end of a week the service will drop back to your current speed. Free, no charge, no commitment. (98% of our users can get 4mb/s. A few may not be able to get this offer). That week will allow you to see what the extra performance will let you do on the internet. This offer is subject to availability and may close at any time. First come first served.

Data Usage

Are you consuming too much data? You can't account for your data useage? These days phones, tablets, televisions and computers can all use up our bandwidth and transfer allowance behind our backs. This costs you money and slows your service down. If you don't understand where you transfer allowance is going then why not give our technical help team a call? They will book you a slot of 15 minutes and help you understand some of the "invisible" things that can be happening behind your back. The first 15 minutes of assistance is free, after that we charge £10 per 1/2 hour or part thereof. Fifteen minutes is usually enough time to help us help you understand your data usage.

Holiday/Rental Property?

Do you rent out holiday or guest accomodation?

A number of property owners have been contacting us to see if we can give them a way to make it easier for them to manage the transfer allowance that clients use when they rent out properties. Following extensive discussions this is our proposed solution.

Are you a having trouble managing the transfer allowance used by your holiday-makers? Our new Business PATG (Pay As They Go) service is designed to help you. With this service the occupier of the property can top-up the account securely - 24 hours a day - using their own credit or debit cards. Job done. They don't need access to any of your details.

How does it work? With the Business PATG package on your service, there is no pre-bought transfer allowance. You can - of course - top it up before a holidaymaker moves in. Whenever the holidaymaker uses all of their transfer allowance a web-page pops up informing them that they can top-up the account using their credit or debit card. They do the on-line purchase and thats it. They are back on-line. This works pretty much the same way as pre-pay electric meter, however allowances are reset at the end of each month and do not carry over. See the link at PATG link to upgrade a service to Pay As They Go.

Fibre in your area?

Fibre is being rolled out in some places around the Western-Isles. If you see the green BT cabinet appearing near you why don't you contact our sister company Scotnet or give tech-support at Hebrides.net a call?. Scotnet has been supplying telephone based broadband services around Scotland for over twenty years. We can also offer quality land-lines at a competitive price. Advantages - keep your Hebrides.net email address, local Highland based support, and no need to set up new direct debits etc. Give our sales team a call if you want to see what we can save you.

Technical support

Technical support would like to remind you to keep your contact email address up to date. That way we can let you know about service updates, special offers and discounts.

They has also asked us to remind you about the automated email notification of usage. This can be access via an option of the "my account" page found here. Your bypass email address will be notified whenever we see you exceed various usage thresholds - such as 10%, 50%, 90%.

Free transfer allowance

Last year we offered a significant number of free 20GB transfer allowance packages during the run-up to Christmas.

It was very popular and we will be offering the same again this year. The offer is notified by email and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

We will email you with the details nearer the time.

Retain your Hebrides.net email after leaving our service

If you are leaving Hebrides.net and wish to retain your email account with us, we can keep this alive for you using our webmail portal to read/write email or pop3 only ie you will be able to receive but not be able to send email via your email program, at a charge of £25 per annum.

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